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Relevant articles: [1], [2].




The star on k vertices, denoted by S_k, consists of a vertex x of degree k-1, its k-1 neighbours, and the k-1 edges joining x to its neighbours. Note that stars are trees. Also note that a star S_k is the complete bipartite graph K_{1,k-1}.

Spectrum Results

The spectrum problem for stars was completely settled by Yamamoto et al in [2] and independently by Tarsi in [1].

Theorem 1 [2]

Let k\geq 2. There exists an S_k-design of order n if and only if

  • n=1 or n \geq 2(k-1); and
  • n(n-1)\equiv 0 \,({\rm mod \ }2(k-1)).


  • Sometimes S_k is used to denote a star with k edges, rather than k vertices, for example in [3].


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